Leonel dice no descarta ser candidato a la presidencia para el 2020

Azua.- “A charge in the public administration should never be above the cause and defense of the Dominican people,” said the former President of the Republic Leonel Fernandez, during a luncheon Monday in Azua, with leaders of the PLD of the region South, on the occasion of Christmas.

During lunch, the former president said he does not rule out the possibility of aspiring to the presidential candidacy for 2020, because we are barely in 2016.

As chairman of the PLD, Fernández harangued members of the Central Committee, presidents of provincial, municipal and intermediate committees, congressmen and mayors and directors of peledeístas districts, who concentrated on the sports center of Azua de Compostela in celebration of the traditional Lunches that the management of the organization carries out with its leaders for the year-end season.

The exmandatario reiterated in his words the letter of his day in which he stated that to modernize, cohesion and make more efficient political work within the ranks of the LDP, should proceed to the rapid implementation of all decisions emanating from the VIII Congress Ordinary Commander Norge Botello.

He said that the PLD should be made more efficient because democracy, political stability, economic stability and the well-being of the family of the Dominican Republic, today, depend on the Dominican Liberation Party.

He warned that a weakness of the PLD, a failure in the functioning of the Dominican Liberation Party, would lead the country to the abyss and uncertainty which should not allow any leader with political consciousness formed in the purple ranks.

“The political and historical responsibility of the LDP today is greater because the Dominican people have reiterated their confidence in us and we can never fail the Dominican people and the memory of Professor Juan Bosch,” he argued, drawing a close applause from those present.

The board of the meeting along with former President Leonel Fernandez were former Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, Bauta Rojas and Radhamés Jiménez, members of the Political Committee and provincial presidents Isaías Medina de Azua, Fernando Castillo de Elias Piña, Eddy Mateo Vásquez de Barahona, Luis Emilio Peña de Bahoruco and host Senator Rafael Calderón.

Present members of the Central Committee, Presidents of Provincial, Municipal Committees, Intermediate Committees and Mayors, Mayors, directors of districts of the South region, headed by Ignacio Ditrén, head of the Municipal Affairs Secretariat, reports the PLD Communications Secretariat In a press office.

At the end of his words Leonel Fernandez wished his colleagues Merry Christmas a Merry Christmas and invited them to see the next 2017 as “the year of the transition towards a transformation, towards greater cohesion and integration of the peledeísta family.”

Former President Leonel Fernández was preceded by Senator Rafael Calderón, Bauta Rojas and Rafael Alburquerque, who greeted the meeting highlighting the importance of meeting as a family to discuss the challenges and challenges ahead.

The opening remarks were given by Rafael Calderón, a senator from Azua province and a member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party, who congratulated the president of that organization, Leonel Fernández, for those meetings with the Puebla leadership that “undoubtedly contribute to The fraternity and the demonstration of solidarity “.

Rafael Calderón said that in addition they serve to exchange ideas that finally contribute in some way to consolidate not only the most important unit of the party, but also to spread more clearly what is the vision of the PLD respect of the government.

The legislator affirmed that there will be PLD for many years. “President, I am sure that by maintaining the unity of the party, we will celebrate as you have said, the bicentenary of National Independence with a new PLD government still in 1944,” he added.

Bauta Rojas, who is the coordinator of the meetings as a member of the Political Committee with an operational team in which PLD National House staff play a preponderant role in the order and protocol of these meetings, exhausted one shift in Who said that the Dominican Liberation Party has wanted its leadership to find, share and exchange ideas with the aim of strengthening its provincial and municipal structures.

He warned that he is watching with concern that in the last months leaders of the highest level have shown concern by the route that takes the party of Juan Bosch. “Some question behavior, discipline, lag, modernization.”

He stated that while it is true that this 43rd anniversary meets with some difficulty, it is also true that the PLD had never had a better chance to rescue its origins and to lead the best path that is none other than the path of unity.

Former Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, who spoke briefly in his words because the speaker did not compete with the food, said that these 16 years of consecutive LDP administration have been a development administration, a progress administration, and governments that have Led to the poorest population of the country, social justice. “From a permanent struggle against poverty and against inequality, with fundamental achievements that have never been seen before”.

He affirmed that the peledeístas can be proud of those that have made the governments of the Party of the Dominican Liberation.

“As a peledeístas we can look with our heads high that this Dominican Republic has been growing, has been developing. It has been leading to each place social justice and for that reason we have had the support of our people that has won us the elections on more than five occasions, “he said.

He considered that the important thing at the present time is to work internally, to continue constructing this party and to obtain that the resolutions of the VIII Congress Commander Norge Botello are applied.

Azua’s lunch is the first in a series this week that continues on Tuesday in San Pedro de Macorís, Wednesday in Santiago, Thursday in the capital city with members of the Central Committee, Presidents of Provincial, Municipal Committees and Of Intermediates. On Friday the meeting on the occasion of Christmas will be held with the leaders of allied parties.

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